Welcome to OlsenNorth

We are courageous and passionate about good service. We are disruptors. We learn from the past. We are strong in our resolve. We are not limited by expectations. We are inspired by change and agents of the same.


Inspired by Change
We are committed to learning from the past and are strong in our resolve to push boundaries in order to inspire change.

Our Customers
Our customers live in our community. We work and develop together, building trust in our infrastructure and transforming our business into more than…a business. We want to share in your inspiration and passion for your projects, and build a lasting relationship.

What We Do
OlsenNorth provides Geomatics and Land Surveying services across Western Canada. Solution driven, we aim to complete your job with the most efficient method, practise, and technology.

Real Estate

Real Property Reports
A Real Property Report is an integral piece to your real estate transaction. You should know what you are buying. Title Insurance will not provide you with this knowledge and is often misinterpreted.

Property Line Surveys
A property line survey defines the precise lines of your property to maximize the use of your lot.

Encroachment, Zoning and Land Use Bylaw Navigation
Do building and improvements sit on the lot you think they do, or do they encroach on other parcels or right of ways? Do they comply with zoning and land-use bylaws?

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Energy is a large part of who we are in Western Canada. Our innovation is on the cutting-edge of new sources of energy, and our background is in more traditional sources. Using our extensive experience in resource based surveying across Western Canada in collaboration with our incessant need for optimization, we have developed process and efficient approaches to surveying for new sources of energy. From Solar facilities to Wind Farms, to pipelines, to well site programs we will find the optimal way of doing things.

  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Wellsite Surveys
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Solar Facilities
  • Wind Facilities

Land Development

Your Partners in Land Development
From bare land to full development, we’ve got your back. We know our way around the development process. Give us a shot on your next development project.

  • Development Permit applications
  • Subdivisions
  • Commercial Development
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Property Line Surveys
  • Topographic Site Surveys
  • Roads


You’ve got all the approvals in place and you are ready to construct. We are there to help you with all of your construction surveying projects. We are quick and efficient and always there when you need us. Our responsiveness and attention to detail stands out among our competitors.

  • Civil Infrastructure Projects
  • Earthworks and Quantity Surveys
  • Construction Layout
  • Road Construction


Give us some information on your next project, we’d love to provide our services. Tell us what you need, and let us help provide a path to your goals. Complete the form below or email jeff@olsennorth.ca.